How to maximize employee training

It is incorrigible to find so many firms with worker inefficiencies and dissatisfaction. 58.5 billion dollars per annum is spent globally on training. This daunting figure sends a different message when broken down. 70% of most firms do not conduct Best training Institute in Pune that helps them remain competitive. Typically during economic volatility the first line item cut is training. However,How to maximize employee training Articles the most vital resource for all organizations is training.

Customer Service and sales are critically important to all organizations. The frequent pace of product development, client topography and product updates necessitate continual training. However, the size, cost and geographies of delivering training become cumbersome. Ironic, given our knowledge-required economy.

In recent research for this article our firm discovered that 90% of training programs conducted for corporations result only in a 90-120 day increase in productivity and, as a result, fewer than 20% of companies realize any sustainable productivity gain that lasts beyond 12 months. The rationale- training is treated as an event not as a process. To obtain long-range results and consistent progress, training must be conducted frequently. Additionally, our research with over 300 leading organizations denoted seven factors that infringe proper training.

Habits are not like Cigarettes – One cannot do Cold Turkey

A chronic misunderstanding about training is the issue of changing habits. Habits are formed from years of influences and behaviors. These behaviors have cultivated through many years of constant repetition. Enculturation is manifestation of behaviors both personally and professionally. Through years of progression the behaviors become our daily routine, or habits. It is weariful to believe that habits will change during a one or multi day training session.

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